ADAF to Table


In the standard library there exist four nodes which exports data from ADAF to Table. Together with nodes for exportation in the reversed direction, Table to ADAF, one can make transitions back and forth between the two internal data types.

For all four nodes one has to specify which container in the incoming ADAF/ADAFs that is going to be exported. Selectable containers are metadata, results and timeseries, see ADAF for further information.

For two of the nodes, ADAF to Tables and Elementwise ADAFs to Tables, the full content of the specified container in the ADAF/ADAFs is exported. At selection of the timeseries container all raster are exported and each raster will generate an outgoing Table.

While for the other two nodes, ADAF to Table and ADAFs to Tables, the full content of the container is only exported if the metadata or the results container is selected. For the time-resolved data one has to select a specific raster that is going to be exported.

The exported timebases will, in the Tables, be given the name of their corrspondning rasters. It is important to know that if the name of the timebases already exists among the names of the timeseries signals, the timebases will not be exported to the Table.

class node_adaf2table.ADAF2Table[source]

Exportation of specified data in ADAF to Table. The data can either be the a raster from the timeseries container or the full content of either the metadata or the results containers.


ADAF with data.

: Table

Table with the content of a specified group in the incoming ADAF.

Export group

Specify group in the incoming ADAF which will be exported.

Time basis raster

Specify the raster among the time resolved data which will be exported.

Time basis column name

Specify the name for the time basis column in the outgoing Table. The default name is the name of the elected raster.

Opposite node:

Table to ADAF

Ref. nodes:

ADAFs to Tables