F(x) ADAFs


Please see F(x) Table for the basics on f(x) nodes.

The main base class for adaf f(x) nodes is called ADAFWrapper. It gives access to the variables self.in_adaf and self.out_adaf which are of the type adaf.File so you will need to use the ADAF API.

class node_adaf_function_selector.FunctionSelectorADAFs[source]

Apply functions to a list of ADAFs.

Can be used with either the main base class or with the base class ADAFsWrapper which gives access to the entire list of ADAFs at once. When using this base class you should access the input and output data with self.in_adaf_list and self.out_adaf_list respectively. They are both of the type adaf.FileList.

See also F(x) Table for a brief discussion of when to use the “plural” base classes.

: Datasource

Path to Python file with scripted functions.


ADAFs with data to apply functions to.


ADAFs with the results from the applied functions.

Clean output

If disabled the incoming data will be copied to the output before running the nodes.

Put results in common outputs
: checkbox

Use this checkbox if you want to gather all the results generated from an incoming Table into a common output. This requires that the results will all have the same length. An exception will be raised if the lengths of the outgoing results differ. It is used only when clean output is active. Otherwise it will be disabled and can be considered as checked.

Select functions

Choose one or many of the listed functions to run.

Enable pass-through

If disabled only selected functions are run. Enable this to override the functions selection and run all functions in the python file.

Ref. nodes: