Interpolate ADAF


Interpolate timeseries timeseries to a single timebasis. The new timebasis can either be an existing timebasis in the adaf-file or a timebasis with a timestep defined by the user. The timeseries that will be interpolated are selected in a list. The output file will contain a single system and raster with all the chosen timeseries.

class node_interpolation.InterpolationNode[source]

Interpolation of timeseries in an ADAF.


ADAF with data.


ADAF with interpolated data.

Use custom timestep

Create a new time basis by specifying a time step.

Time step

Choose time step of new basis. If time basis has type datetime, this parameter will be assumed to be in seconds, otherwise it is assumed to be in the same unit as the time basis. Only available if Use custom timestep is selected.

Interpolate using existing timebasis

Select existing basis as target basis for selected columns.

Time basis column

Select raster to choose target time series columns from. Only available if Interpolate using exisisting timebasis is selected.

Interpolation methods

Select interpolation method for different groups if data types.

Time series columns

Select one or many time series columns to interpolate to the new basis.

Resample all signals

Always resample all available time series instead of only the ones selected in Time series columns.

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