Interpolate ADAFs (deprecated)


Deprecated since version 1.2.5: Use Interpolate ADAF or Interpolate ADAFs instead.

Interpolate timeseries by the chosen interpolation method and calculate the new timeseries based on a new timebasis. The new timebasis can either be an existing timebasis in the adaf-file or a timebasis with a timestep defined by the user. The timeseries that will be interpolated are selected in a list. The output file will contain the unmodified timeseries, and the modfied ones. The modified timeseries will be moved to a new timebasis if a timestep is used and to the existing timebasis if that alternative is chosen.

class node_interpolation_old.InterpolationNodeADAFsOld[source]

Deprecated since version 1.2.5: Use Interpolate ADAFs instead.

Interpolation of timeseries in ADAFs.


ADAF with data.


ADAF with interpolated data.

Use custom timestep

Specify the custom step length for basis in a new raster.

Interpolate using existing timebasis

Select basis in another raster as new basis for selected columns.

Interpolation method

Select interpolation method.

Time basis column

Select raster to choose time series columns from.

Time series columns

Select one or many time series columns to interpolate to the new basis.

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Interpolate ADAFs