Sort ADAFs (deprecated)

The considered node sorts the order of the ADAFs in the incoming list according to a compare function. The outgoing ADAFs are in the new order.

The compare function can be defined as a lamda function or an ordinary function starting with def. The function should compare two elements and return -1, 0 or 1. If element1 < element2, then return -1, if they are equal return 0 and otherwise return 1.

A preview is available if one wants to preview the sorting. Then the indices of the sorted list is shown in a table together with the indices of the original unsorted list.

class node_sort_adafs.SortADAFsNode[source]

Deprecated since version 1.3.0: Use Sort List instead.

Sort ADAF list by using a compare function.


ADAFs with data.


Sorted ADAFs.

Compare function for sorting

Write the sort function.