Heatmap calculation

class node_heatmap_calculation.HeatmapCalculation[source]

This node calculates a 2D histogram or other heatmap of a given signal.

The output consists of bin edges and bin values and can for instance be used in a heatmap plot in the node Figure from Table.

: table

Input data

: table

Heatmap data

X data column:

(no description)

Y data column:

(no description)

Z data column:

The data points of the z data are placed in bins according to the cooresponding values of x and y. They are then reduced to a single bin value using the selected reduction function. For “Count (histogram)” no z data column is needed.

Reduction function:

A function used on all the z data points in a bin. For “Count (histogram)” no z data column is needed.

X Bins:

Number of bins on the x axis.

Y Bins:

Number of bins on the y axis.

Auto range

When checked, use data range as histogram range.

X min:

(no description)

X max:

(no description)

Y min:

(no description)

Y max:

(no description)