Match Table lengths


To compare the number of rows in two Tables and resize one of them, in order to have two Tables with equal numbers of rows, is the functionality of the nodes in the considered category. For example, this may be helpful if one would like to horisontal join two Tables with different number of rows, which is not possible according to the definition of a Table, see Tables and HJoin Table.

In the procedure of the node, the Table connected to the upper of the two inputs is used as reference while the Table coming in through the lower port is the one that is going to be modified. The modification can either be a contraction or an extension of the Table depending if it is longer or shorter than the reference Table, respectively.

The extension will be preformed according to one of the following strategies:
  • Use last value
  • Fill with zeroes (or empty strings/dates or similar)
  • Fill with NaNs (or None or similar)
class node_match_tables.MatchTwoTables[source]

Match column lengths in Table with column lengths of reference Table.

: Table

Table to match with

: Table

Table to cut or extend

: Table

Updated Table

Extend values :

Specify the values to use if the input has to be extended.