VSplit Table


The operation of vertical split, or VSplit, performs a rowwise split of Tables.

If an index column is specified in the configuration GUI the split will be performed according to defined groups in this column. Otherwise the node will place every row of the incoming Table into separate Tables in the outgoing list.

In the index column the elements of the rows, that belong to the same group, should all have the same value. An example of an index column is created by the VJoin Table node, where the elements in the joined output that originates from the same incoming Table will be given the same index number.

By default, if the specified index colum is not found in the input, an error will be raised and the execution fails. This default can be changed by unchecking the checkbox “Require Input Index”. In this case, if the specified index column does not exist in the incoming Table the node will treat this as if no index column had been specified, splitting each row into a separate Table.

Yet another available option in the node is to remove columns that after the split contain only NaNs or empty strings. This is called “Remove complement columns” in the configuration GUI and is (loosly speaking) the reversal of the creation of complements for missing columns preformed by the VJoin Table node.

class node_vsplit_tables.VSplitTableNode[source]

Vertical split of Table into Tables.

: Table

Table with data to split.

: Tables

Tables with split data.

Require input index

Turn on or off the requirement of an index column.

Remove fill

Turn on or off if split columns that contain only NaNs or empty strings are going to be removed or not.

Input index

Specify the name of the incoming index column, can be left empty. Needs to be grouped by index.

Opposite node:

VJoin Table

Ref. nodes:

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