A collection of examples that illustrates a number of details that are important in order to create nodes for Sympathy of Data. The usage of content in this file should be combined with the Node Writing Tutorial.

class node_old_examples.Example1[source]

This node includes all available configuration options for initialising parameters that can be controlled by the users through a configuration GUI. The GUI is automatically generated by the platform through defined connections between data types and different GUI widgets.

Another functionality shown by this node is how the platform defined methods verify_parameters and adjust_parameters can be used.

The example demonstrates how to set up an outgoing Table. This Table can be used as input for the Example2 node.



: Table

Table file with a dataset named ‘k’. The dataset consists of the values 1-99.


All types of configuration options

Opposite node:


Ref. nodes:

Example2, Example3, Error example