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Datasources Export

The node is currently supporting extraction of zip and gzip files using plugin_zip_exporter.py and plugin_gz_exporter.py

These plugins work somewhat differently compared with other exporter plugins. They do not export the datasource itself, instead, they extract the compressed archives pointed to by the datasources input and produce the full list of extracted files in the datasources output.

class node_export_datasource.ExportDatasources[source]

Export datasource to a selected data format.

: Datasources

Tables with data to export.

: Datasources

Datasources with paths to the created files.

Exporter to use

Select data format exporter. Each data format has its own exporter with its own special configuration, see exporter information. The selection of exporter do also suggest filename extension.

Output directory

Specify/select directory where the created files will be stored.

Filename(s) preview
: button

When pressed a preview of all filenames will be presented under the considered button.

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