Export Figures

class node_export_figures.ExportFigures[source]

Export Figures to a selected data format.

: [Figure]

List of figures to export.

: [Datasource]

Datasources with path to the created file.

Exporter to use

Select data format exporter. Each data format has its own exporter with its own special configuration, see exporter information. The selection of exporter do also suggest filename extension.

Output directory

Specify/select directory where the created files will be stored.


Specify the common base for the filenames. If there are several incoming Figures the node will add “_${index number of corresponding Figure in the incoming list}” after the base for each file. Do not specify extension.

Filename extension

Specify the extension used to export the figures.

Filename(s) preview
: button

When pressed a preview of all filenames will be presented under the considered button.

Ref. nodes:

Figures from Tables, Figures from Tables with Table