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The exportation of data is the final step in an analysis workflow. The analysis is performed and the result must to be exported to an additional data format for presentation or visualisation. Or, Sympathy for Data has been used for data management, where data from different source has been gathered and merged into a joint structure that can be exported to different data format.

There exists exportation from the following internal data types:

The exportation nodes are all based on the use of plugins, the same structure as the importation nodes. Each supported data format has its own plugin, and may also have a specific GUI settings.

At the moment, exportation of Tables are supported to following data formats:
  • CSV
  • HDF5
  • SQL
  • SQLite
  • XLS
  • XLSX

In the separate node, Export RAW Tables, the internal structure of Tables are exported into a single file, where data format is connected to Sympathy with the extension .sydata.

The exportation nodes can also be used for storing partial results on disk. The stored data can be reimplemented further ahead in the workflow by connecting the outgoing datasources to an importation node.

If the input Table(s) has a plot attribute (as created by e.g., Plot Tables) it can be exported to a separate file by selecting one of the extensions in the output section.

class node_export_tables.ExportTables[source]

Export tables to a selected data format.

: Tables

Tables with data to export.

: Datasources

Datasources with paths to the created files.

Exporter to use

Select data format exporter. Each data format has its own exporter with its own special configuration, see exporter information. The selection of exporter do also suggest filename extension.

Filename extension

Specify a new extension if you are not satisfied with the predefined one for the exporter.

Output directory

Specify/select directory where the created files will be stored.


Specify the common base for the filenames. If there are several incoming Tables the node will add “_${index number of corresponding Table in the incoming list}” after the base for each file. If nothing is specified the filename will be equal to index number. Do not specify extension.

Filename(s) preview
: button

When pressed a preview of all filenames will be presented under the considered button.

Opposite node:


Ref. nodes:

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