Report Apply ADAFs


Apply new data to an existing report template and export visual elements.

Signal Mapping
Map input signal names to template signal names. If the input signal field is empty the template signal name will be used. Input signals are chosen using a combo box in which the length and the name of the signal are shown. The signal name is always presented as “table_name.column_name”. There is currently no check to ensure that the same signal length is used for template signals which require same length (a plot is only meaningful if e.g. the length of the x-coordinates and the length of the y-coordinates match).
class node_report_apply.ReportApplyADAFs[source]

Applies new data to an existing report template and exports visual elements.

ReportTemplate: Report

Document template for visualization of data.


List of ADAFs to use as data sources for the document template.

Signal Mapping

See above.

Save Path

Path to save images to.

Filename Prefix

Prefix of file which becomes <prefix><file#>.<suffix>.

File Format

File format used when saving images.

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