Scatter 2D ADAF with multiple timebases

In Sympathy for Data the following nodes exist for visualising data:

In comparison with Scatter 2D ADAF, the last node can handle signals connected to different timebases in the same plot. Scatter 2D ADAF does only plot signals that have a common timebasis.

In the configuration ADAF signals, or Table columns, are selected along the axes in the plots. There exist differences between the nodes how to do this, but the basic principle is the same. The exception is Scatter 2D ADAF with multiple timebases which uses an alternative approach. For the actual plots is possible to change both line/marker style and plot style in the plot. Below, the available plot styles are listed. A plot legend is, by default, shown in the plot, but can be hidden by a simple push of a button. The navigation toolbar under the plot let the user zoom and pan the plot window.

Available plot types (2D):
  • plot
  • step
  • fill
  • hist bar
  • hist step
Available plot types (3D):
  • scatter
  • surf
  • wireframe
  • plot
  • contour
  • heatmap

The advanced plot controller allows the user to draw two lines parallel to the Y-axis. These can be moved along the X-axis while information about the intersection points between these lines and the plotted data points is shown in a table. If a line is drawn in between two points in the plotted data, the line will always move to the closest point.

class node_scatter.Scatter2dNodeADAFMultipleTb[source]

Plot data in ADAF in two dimensions. Compared to Scatter 2D ADAF this node can handle signals connected to different timebases in the same plot.


ADAF with data to visualise


Select timebasis along the X-axis.


Select signals along the Y-axis that is connected to the selected timebasis along the X-axis.

Add selection to plot list
: button

Add selected combinations of timebasis along X-axis and signals along the Y-axis to plot list. It is first when the combinations appear in the plot list they will be drawn in the plot window.

Remove plot line
: button

When pushed the marked combinations in the plot list will be removed from both the plot list and the plot window.

Line style

Select line style used in the plot.

Plot type

Select plot type for the plot.

Show/hide legend

Turn on/off the legend in the plot window.

Output directory

Specify where in the file-tree to store an exported plot.


Specify filename and data format of an exported plot.

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