Filter ADAFs

class node_filter_adafs.FilterADAFsWithPlot[source]

Filter ADAFs with a specified filter.

Both IIR filters and FIR filters can be selected. The filter can be a forward or forward-backward filter. The resulting filter design and an example of filtered data can be inspected in real-time within the node’s GUI.

The FIR filter windows that can be used are:
The IIR filter functions supported are:
port1 : [adaf]

Input ADAFs

port1 : [adaf]

Output ADAFs with filter applied

Filter type

Combo of filter types

Frequency pass type

Frequency pass type required for the FIR filter.

Filter windows

Filter windows for FIR filter

Filter length

Length of the filter

Cutoff frequency

Cutoff frequency of filter (expressed in the same units as nyq) OR an array of cutoff frequencies (that is, band edges). In the latter case, the frequencies in cutoff should be positive and monotonically increasing between 0 and nyq. The values 0 and nyq must not be included in cutoff.


Filter specific parameter. Check the help.


Filter specific parameter. Check the help.

Filter designs

IIR filters

Passband edge frequency

Passband edge frequency

Stopband edge frequency

Stopband edge frequency

Max loss in passband (dB)

Max loss in the passband (dB)

Min attenuation in stopband (dB)

Min attenuation in the stopband (dB)


Filtering types

Select Signal

Select a signal

Auto refresh

Automatically refresh the plot