Histogram calculation

class node_histogram_calculation.HistogramCalculation[source]

This node takes a table and calculates a histogram from one of its columns.

The output consists of bin edges and bin values and can for instance be used in a histogram plot in the node Figure from Table.

Masked values in the data column are ignored. Masked values in the weights column are treated as 1.

in : table

Input data

out : table

Histogram data

Data column:

Column to create histogram for.

Weights column:

If you choose a weights column, each value in the data column only contributes its associated weight towards the bin count, instead of 1.


Number of bins.

Auto range

When checked, use data range as histogram range.

X min:

Minimum x value.

X max:

Maximum x value.


When checked, the result is the value of the probability density function at each bin, normalized such that the integral of the histogram is 1.