Jinja2 template (deprecated)

class node_text_operations.Jinja2TemplateOld[source]

Create and render a jinja2 template. See Jinja2 for full syntax of the template engine.

Use {{column name}} for accessing the first row of a column, or use ‘arg’ inside a jinja for-loop to access full table.

Example of iterating over each column:

{% for name in arg.column_names() %}
   The column name is: {{name}}
   The column data is: {% for value in arg.col(name).data %} {{value}} {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

Example of iterating over each row:

{% for row in arg.to_rows() %}
   {% for value in row %} {{value}} {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}
in : table

Input data

out : text

Rendered Template


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