Random Table


To generate data fast and easy is valuable when you want to test the functionality of nodes or during the development process of nodes. In Sympathy random data can be generated for both Tables and ADAFs, both a single object or as a list with several objects. The random data consists of random floats in the half-open interval [0.0, 1.0). The Generate Signal Nodes allow the generation of sinus, cosines or tangent signals with or without added random noise.

The properties of the outgoing objects are specified in the configuration of the nodes. For example for ADAFs, it is possible to specify the number of signals in the various containers, how many attributes will be connected to each signal or the number of elements in the signals. Similar properties can be specified for Tables, where far less alternatives are given.

class node_generate.RandomTable[source]

Generates a Table with random numbers between 0 and 1.

Ref. nodes:

Random Tables

port0 : table

Table with random numbers. The specifications of the Table are declared in the configuration.


The number of columns in the generated table.


The number of rows in the generated table.

Randomly mask values

If checked each value has a 50% chance to be masked.